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Z rotation angle
Reference planes
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Date & time at Giza
Sidereal day length
True anomaly
Axial tilt
Ecliptic-Sun equator
Ecliptic-Invariable plane
Longitude of ascending node
Argument of periapsis
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The CAD drawings

The CAD drawings on this website were produced using LibreCAD open source software and are in DXF file format. If you already have CAD software on your computer then it will be able to open this type of file. If you do not have CAD software, and want to view the drawings, LibreCAD is the recommended programme for doing so. It is free and works exactly as you would expect from a professional 2D CAD programme.

LibreCAD is available for Linux, Windows and macOS operating systems and can be downloaded from the project's website

LibreCAD website

CAD files

There are three version of the CAD drawing used in this work. The first is the drawing taken directly from the surveying measurements of Smyth, Petrie and Gantenbrink and has no error corrections applied to it. The second file has had the internal geometry displacement applied to it, and the third file has the upper chamber roof voids corrected and the north and plan views displayed correctly.

Great Pyramid CAD drawing version 1

Great Pyramid CAD drawing version 2 ( Updated 31-08-2019 )

Great Pyramid CAD drawing version 3 ( Updated 31-08-2019 )

Giza plateau CAD drawing