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The upper shaft angles

Upper northern shaft

The geometric faces of the pyramid from the previous page (page B2) are shown highlighted in the drawing. The architecture of the pyramid's upper shafts is created from a series of geometric steps which are listed below and as you mouse over each item in this list the corresponding geometry will be highlighted on the interactive drawing.

If you display the upper northern shaft's information panel you will see that the angle of this geometric line is 32.6125° with the angle of the upper northern shaft surveyed using robotic inclinometers by the 'Upuaut' engineering team as 32.6023° ± 0.2°.

This geometric value of this shaft's angle is correct and because the static polar cross section of the Earth from which it is formed will be referred to again during later stages of this work, the ellipse will be named at this point as:

1st static reference ellipse
Polar cross section of the Earth

Upper southern shaft

The angle of the geometric line forming the upper southern shaft is exactly 45° as you can see by clicking on it, which will bring up its object information panel, where the first angle data section shows that is the same as the surveyed angle for that shaft.

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