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The northern face

The interactive drawing shows the base of the pyramid and the faces highlighted, and the clock has been automatically started. The Earth's axial tilt set to its natural astronomically correct angle.

In the object information panel the northern face angle display has had two new sections added to it which show the maximum and minimum values of the face's angle as the principal ellipse oscillates over time. As displayed in this panel the minimum value of the geometric northern face angle is 51° 44' 6.43" and the maximum value is 51° 54' 32.76".

Also shown in the object information panel is the base line of the pyramid which has a fluctuating length, because it is the half circumference of the fluctuating ellipse. Click here (click and hold) to zoom in to the northern base end of the building and you will see the small variation in the base length.

At the apex of the pyramid the movement is much more pronounced and if you click here you can see the geometric faces of the pyramid moving quite substantially from side to side.

Last edited: 3rd July 2019
Last code/graphics edit: 29th March 2021