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Advanced section summary

The advanced section of this work has completed all of the geometric construction of the Great Pyramid, with the notable exception of the main chamber of the building which is covered in the final section. The following is a summary of the points that were discovered in the advanced section:

  1. The key plot projection onto the gallery benches determines the position of the gallery measuring holes
  2. The gallery measuring holes are geometrically positioned so that the Sun's location can be determined
  3. A line angled at 1 radian to the vertical, taken from the Sun, defines the gabled roof of the upper chamber
  4. The apex of the upper chamber roof is positioned using the primitive 200/221 triangle derivative
  5. The adjusted ascending passage line moves from the floor of the gallery to the roof using the dynamic geometry
  6. The roof checking angle is used in conjunction with the Sun line to form the trial passage's 'vertical' shaft
  7. The angle of the Ecliptic to the Sun's equator line can be determined from the geometry
  8. The date of construction of the building can be determined from the Ecliptic angle
  9. The key plot needs to be significantly refined to determine its correct formation
  10. The secondary ellipse needs to be geared to rotate at half the frequency of the master ellipse
  11. The principal ellipse needs to be geared to rotate at half the frequency of the master ellipse
  12. The system uses a master ellipse from which the principal and secondary ellipses are derived
  13. The geometry of the system needs to be dropped so that it starts at 1 cubit below base level
  14. The lower northern shaft's central section is formed from a perpendicular projection of the dynamic Earth point
  15. The square rod in the lower northern shaft can be correctly drawn when the geometry is correctly formed
  16. The 'Eye of Horus' hieroglyph symbol is designed from the dynamic geometry of the pyramid
  17. The key is a scaled metal casting of the dynamic geometry plot and contains subtle checking features
_________ End of the advanced section __________
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