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Essential investigations introduction

In this work, starting from the basic analysis through to the master design section, there are several important pieces of information that have been uncovered which require further immediate investigation. This section of the work is aimed primarily at the people and institutions that are in a position to undertake that work and comprises of details of what to investigate and also advice.

As part of the introduction the general subject of 'damage' to the monuments needs to be addressed.

Damaged sections of the pyramids

It is clearly apparent from the design of the Great Pyramid that sections of the building that appear to be damage are in fact important items that have been included in the building by the architects that help with the analysis of the design, and are also used to conceal features of the architecture. The items in question, which have previously been though to be damaged sections of the pyramid are

It is therefore essential that any 'repairs' to parts of the pyramids, or alterations to sections of the buildings that are assumed not to be original such as the entrance tunnel which currently has a large amount of concrete alterations done to it, are fully documented by whoever undertakes the work. The original state of the building before the alterations needs to be documented, and better still the 'repair' work should not be carried out at all.

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