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Public disclosure

It is essential that all of the information that is obtained from surveys of the pyramids is placed into the public domain. There are currently a number of pieces of information which are being held back such as the video footage that was obtained from inside the robotic exploration of the lower northern shaft containing the details of the objects that can be seen around the bend in the shaft in the original exploration footage.

Using the lower northern shaft as an example of why public disclosure is so important, it is obvious from the geometric design of the architecture that there will be no cavity behind the end door of the lower northern shaft. It is also obvious that the upper section of this shaft which is formed from the oscillating movement of the dynamic geometry holds no important values - it is in effect a decoy shaft from its second bend point onwards.

Public disclosure of the details of the shaft's exploration could prevent the large expense and use of time that would be required to send a robotic device back up this shaft to attempt to drill through what is currently thought to be a second door, but which is certainly simply the end of the shaft and a false door structure which mimics that of the lower southern shaft.

An international database of surveying measurements needs to be set up to which the public disclosure of the data from these ancient buildings can be directed and subsequently managed.

Last edited: 4th July 2019
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