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The computer programme

This work was deliberately programmed in javascript for a web browser platform so that the programme code which runs it is freely accessible to read for everyone, and so that the end product requires no technical knowledge or installations on the part of the user.

The code is covered by copyright and cannot be reproduced without permission, but the source code files have been written so that they are easily readable. Variables and functions are named in longhand and make sense when reading through the code with the specific intention of making the code as easy to understand as possible.

Because the programme deals with the reverse engineered architecture it was developed as that work progressed, and necessitated numerous variations and switches in order to investigate different possible configurations. As the software became too complex to easily understand, and in order to place a 'firewall' in the code so that changes made in the future did not affect sections of the building that had already been resolved, several versions of the code that forms the pyramid's geometry were created. These versions can be seen in the javascript directory ('js') as subdirectories named greatPyramid_v1.0, greatPyramid_v1.1 and greatPyramid_v1.2. If you are interested in reading the code that generates the pyramid's geometric architecture you should read greatPyramid_v1.2 which is the most logically organised and most compact of the three version.

I am currently working on greatPyramid_v2.0 which is the forward engineering of the building starting from the defined ellipses and it will be a significant upgrade to the structure of the code.

Files and functions

The various modules from which the programme is compiled are shown in the following illustration:

Programme flow

The flow of the programme on all of the web pages is as follows:

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