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The dynamic internal ellipse

The dynamic floor level that was identified on the previous page (page C7) affects the internal ellipse from which the ascending passage and gallery line are formed. The secondary ellipse is highlighted on the drawing along with its rotating equatorial radius and a floor line which is formed by creating a horizontal line from the south (left) side of the ellipse's equator to the y-axis. The clock has been started so that these elements are clearly visible.

You can see from the dynamic geometry that as the floor line moves up and down the internal ellipse, which is partially defined by the floor line of the building, shrinks and grows as that base line moves up and down, and the ascending passage line, which is derived from the internal ellipse, moves in harmony with this system .

The moving floor line could be created from either end of the secondary ellipse's equator line, and the choice of which end to use for this construction is not arbitrary. As will be seen on the coming pages, the geometric construction of the pyramid is altered depending upon which end is chosen, and the architects have put two features into the pyramid which allow you to determine with certainty which of the two equator end points to use.

The floor line and the 'Well shaft'

The first feature is contained in the 'well shaft', which you can zoom in on to see in more detail, with the clock stopped at the point where the geometric base line is positioned at the surveyed bedrock line within the pyramid.

The equator and moving floor line of the ellipse have been used to form the stonework that is found in the well shaft as can be seen in this illustration The width of the cave like structure and the height of the stonework in the vertical section of the shaft form a similar triangle to the formation geometry of the base line, and the ratio between the to triangles is 2.7 : 1.

If the other end of the equator line on the secondary ellipse is used to form the moving base line then the triangle in the secondary ellipse is formed the wrong way around and no longer matches that of the well shaft.

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